What to expect in GMED?

  • Educational resources sponsored by Gilead Sciences, e.g., specialized lectures & webcasts.
  • Past & Future educational events organized by Gilead Sciences.
  • Third-party educational resources & information when appropriate.
  • Be connected to Gilead’s medical affairs team and news.

Who can access GMED?

GMED is built exclusively for healthcare workers practicing in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait & Lebanon.

To access GMED, you need to register for one time.

For legal purposes, you will need to submit your CV and a copy of any official proof that you are a practicing HCP within the targeted countries e.g. MOH registration card, SCFHS card, syndicate card, or even a photo of your business card showing your title and contact information.

GMED could be accessed via your PC/Laptop web browser, through mobile Apps, or through your tablet/iPad web browser.

You can reach us with any questions using the “contact us” button on the top part of the platform screen.